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Our Leadership Family


Meet Our Leaders in New York City

The leadership couples in New York City devote themselves to full-time ministry in all of our regions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them for help or to get connected to the fellowship!


Luke & Brandyn Speckman

Lead Evangelist & Women's Ministry Leader

Luke & Brandyn lead the entire NYC Church and oversee all of our ministries. They are also overseeing our churches in India.

Luke: (212) 390-0769
Brandyn: (212) 756-3942

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Jay & Barb Shelbrack

Evangelist & Women's Ministry Leader

Jay & Barb lead the Queens Region of the NYC Church, as well as our Marrieds Ministry.

Jay: (608) 712-8399
Barb: (608) 332-7276

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Aaron & Mayne Viscichini

Evangelist & Women's Ministry Leader

Aaron & Sharmayne lead the Brooklyn Region, as well as our Singles Ministry.

Aaron: (510) 613-5852
Mayne: (708) 699-2678

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Victor & Marlyn Montano

Region Leaders

Victor & Marlyn lead the Bronx Region of the NYC Church.

Victor: (708) 359-7213
Marlyn: (708) 928-1295

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David & Jill Swann

Region Leaders

David & Jill lead the New Jersey Region of the NYC Church.

David: (805) 797-6128
Jill: (805) 207-9145

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